Tuesday, November 4, 2008

finally, something to do with yarn!

I went to knitting night last night, and lots of my favorite people were there--it was great.
I continued to labor on the scarf, which is getting longer and thus will probably end some day.

Unfortunately, the time change was not my friend last night. I'm loving it in the morning, but in the evening, not so much. I hit a wall around 9:00 and completely lost my short-term memory, as in "wait a minute, what stitch did I just do?" A smart person would pack it up and go home, and I did stop knitting for a little while, but then I got bored and picked it up again.

Um, yeah. Somewhere in that top right corner, a stitch went missing. I don't seem to have dropped it, so things could be worse, but??? My theory is that I forgot a yarnover in the second-to-last row. Sigh. Every time I try to tink this pattern, I get all messed up and create some worse problem. I know this is knitting heresy, but I'm considering just adding a stitch in the last row and continuing merrily on my way.

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Sarah said...

Nah, not heresy. If you can fix it in a way that is pleasing to you without tinking back, it is a good fix.