Monday, November 3, 2008

Missing: one weekend. Please return if found. Reward.
Actually, I know where the weekend went, and although it doesn't make for good yarn pr0n, it was stuff that had to be done. Bookkeeping, laundry, etc.--the kind of stuff that as a kid I imagined my twin would take care of if I had one, not realizing that twins are people too and don't want to do any of that yucky stuff any more than you do.
But tonight is knitting night, and I will go and play with gorgeous soft alpaca/merino yarn and everything will be good. I'm still bored with the scarf project, but since I knit so rarely, I'm afraid if I start something else, I'll never finish the scarf. Plus all the really wild yarn that's calling to me is in the office, but my ball winder is at home--not conducive to starting a new crazy crochet project on a huge hook, which is what I really feel like right now. Maybe next week.


Sarah said...

Ah, the drudgery of being a responsible adult.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that the weekend disappeared. I love your Ravelry ads - did you design them yourself?

Cara said...

I did design my Ravelry ads myself--I'm glad you like them! Thanks!