Monday, December 1, 2008

totally new website

Well, I didn't go anywhere over the holiday, didn't even pig out on turkey. Instead I spent a lot of time redoing the website for the business. I used to do web stuff for a living, but finding a host with the stuff I need in my price range and then setting everything up?

It's about enough to make you go toes-up under the table.

It was worth it, though. Check it out: Fire Lizard's new home. I still have more spinning fiber to post--hopefully I'll get that knocked out over the next few days. All the hand-dyes are up, though, and that's the best stuff. I'm still doing the Etsy site too, but the new website will be the main place to go for all things Fire Lizard.

1 comment:

Dyann said...

The new site looks nice!

I had a question about that "oops" yarn, but now (2 minutes later) I can't remember it because I'm sick. Oh! Is it as pink as it looks on my monitor? Because if it is I'll probably have to pick it up...

(Oh. Hi, by the way. :) )