Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back to the blue scarf

I went to knitting night last night--the first time I'd been in about a hundred years. It was great to be back, although it was a quiet night as knitting nights go. In my experience, that means next week is likely to be an uproarious good time. Bring it on!

I didn't manage to come up with anything exciting to work on, so I'm back to the blue scarf.

It is a nice scarf, and I'm pleased with the design. Even on Bartleby's skinny neck, it's clearly nowhere near big enough yet, though.

(I cropped out Bartleby's head, but imagine him smiling at finally getting to model something manly for a change, instead of all these frilly capes and stuff!)

If the metric for this scarf being done is running out of yarn, I estimate I have about five sessions left to finish it. It would be the perfect project for watching movies or talking on the phone, but I don't seem to be doing a lot of either of those lately. That is a handy sort of project to have around, though. Maybe I'll come up with something more exciting to do, and meanwhile have this waiting in the wings any time I need a brainless wonder.


Sarah said...

I'm offended. I thought I dropped enough f-bombs to make the night a loud one.

Cara said...

Try harder next week! *lol*