Thursday, February 19, 2009

lettin' the blog down

Aside from simply not posting for days and weeks on end, I've let you down, my friends. Yesterday, there was the most gorgeous double rainbow! And did I have my camera? No! I didn't! %^*$%^*#$%@$#%@%!!

A friend once told me that beauty is in the moment, and that's what I tell myself to console myself every time I miss out on a great picture, so let me pass that on to you instead of the fabulous rainbow. Beauty is in the moment. All around me, people were buzzing about their usual office tasks, completely oblivious to the huge fabulous double rainbow right outside these walls! That seemed like a huge waste to me. I intend to take notice and appreciate these beautiful moments whenever I can. The drudgery at my desk will still be there when the sun goes back behind the clouds.

If that wasn't enough, my post about the festival completely neglected to mention one of the best parts of the whole thing: my sister! She came and helped me with the booth and sold stuff and oohed and aahed over my yarn, and getting to hang out with her made the whole thing twice as awesome. It added a whole extra dimension of awesome, in fact. (Again, no pictures. Beauty is in the moment, beauty is in the moment...)

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