Monday, February 23, 2009

a finish!

I finished my keyhole scarf already!

Bartleby, my usual model, has way too skinny a neck to show this off, so I give you Rita Lampshade. Work it, Rita! The camera loves you!

This is a super simple keyhole scarf made from one skein of Colinette Shimmer 5. This yarn is shiny and totally luscious in its colors. (You can get your own on my website some day if I ever get pictures taken.) Huge yarn + huge hook = super quick project. This is the first time in about six months that I've finished something before getting sick of it. Instead, I wish there was more. But this will make a fabulous neck warmer for my frigid office--that place needs all the color it can get! Now I have to pick something else to take to knitting night... (or just work on the projects I have, but I'm kind of tired of them and they're not all shiny).

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