Friday, March 28, 2008

Huntsvillians, represent!

The Yarn Harlot threw down the gauntlet with her Toronto Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt challenge. Well, the commute for that one is a little tough for most of us, so here’s one a little closer to home: Huntsville, AL! Of course, I don’t have any prizes, but who says you need maple glazed donuts to have fun?
So, in the Harlot spirit, take pictures of your sock in progress with the following items.

- with the Saturn V, 1 point.
- with any other space artifact, 1 point each.
- with a rocket scientist, 1 point. (They’re everywhere.)
- with an engineer, 1 point. (They’re so common, they should only be worth half a point, but let’s keep the math simple.)
- with a PhD, 1 point.
- with someone who is both a rocket scientist and a PhD, 2 points.
- with a space camp attendee, 1 point.
- with a space camp employee, 2 points.
- with a school with a space-related name, 1 point.
- with a street sign with a space-related name, 1 point.
- with a hockey player, 2 points. (We are the hockey capital of the south, but hockey season is over.)

- at Yarn Expressions, 1 point.
- with Meg, 2 points.
- at The Knitting Zone, 1 point.
- with Mary, 2 points.
- at Little Barn, 1 point.
- with Lewis, 2 points.
- at the Barnes & Noble cafe of the Monday night knitters, 1 point.
- at the Books a Million cafe of the 4th Friday and 2nd Tuesday knitters, 1 point.
- at the Panera Bread of the Thursday night knitters, 1 point.
- at any of these establishments with a knitter, 2 points.
- at any of these with a flock of knitters on knit night, 5 points.

- at Rosie’s, 1 point.
- at Bandito Burrito, 1 point.
- at El Palacio, 1 point.
If you do all these, you’ll be sick, so that’s enough restaurants.

- with a red neck, 1 point.
- with a red neck doing something funny, 2 points. (Let’s keep it clean here, people.)
- with an Alabama fan, 1 point
- with an Auburn fan, 1 point
- with an Alabama fan and an Auburn fan in same picture, 3 points (Try not to start any religious wars.)

- with a person operating farm equipment, 1 point
- with a construction worker who is building a house in a recent cotton field, 1 point.
- with a military person, 1 point.

- with a flower-covered tree, 1 point (Time is running out on this one.)

- at Harrison Brothers Hardware, 1 point.
- at Burritt on the Mountain, 1 point.
- at Big Spring Park, 1 point.
- at Big Spring Park with a waterfowl, 2 points.
- at the Botanical Garden, 1 point.
- at Weeden House, 1 point.
- at Monte Sano, 1 point.

Here, I'll get you started.

Oh wait, that's cheating--that sock is finished, and I didn't even make it! Sigh. At this point in my knitting development, my sock isn't likely to make much progress beyond this any time soon:

I do want to make socks--that's why I bought sock yarn (aside from the well-known fact that it doesn't count as stash). But I think I want to learn a few more things first, like how to bind off, increase, decrease... So you all have a head start on me with the picture thing.

No socks were harmed in the making of this blog entry.

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Barbara said...

Very interesting list! I spent a weekend in Huntsville (mumble) years ago when I was 9 and saw Werner Von Braun in the produce department of a grocery store. Didn't have a sock-in-progress or a camera. Drat.

I've made 2 pairs of worsted weight socks and have my first sock-weight on the needles. You'll get there. Knit on!