Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More pics

As promised, here are photos of the yarn I spun with the spindle over the weekend.

I'm definitely getting the thickness more even, but I still have a lot of low-twist fluff spots. I really put a ton of twist in the first yarn, and I was thinking it was probably too much, based on the little pigtail twists it wanted to make when I was plying it. With this yarn, I put in less twist, thinking that would be better, but I'm not sure it is.

Notice how it hangs straight down without the hank wanting to twist--I made balanced yarn!


Anonymous said...

Tres frais!

I'm wondering whether the varying twist might have a cool effect somewhere that it wouldn't compromise the structure of the piece -- like in a knotted or crocheted hat.

Maybe it would just make for some neat texture. Something just a little different and special.

Anyway, I like it!

Cara said...

Thank you, anonymous!
According to my teacher, unbalanced yarn is fine for crochet because of the difference in structure. I do want to try making some unbalanced yarn on purpose and knitting and crocheting swatches of it, just to see for myself how it behaves. And you're right--a skewing hat might be cool!