Thursday, March 27, 2008

Operation Blankie gears up

My Project Linus group had our first meeting last night. Our numbers were on the low side due to illness, but we had a really good time anyway. Bonus: we got a non-crafter crafting! That was a delight to me. It's always good to spread the joy.
For my blanket, I settled on the bright colors afghan. It will be very cheery, and I think a sick kid will really like it. Here it is so far.

The yarn is Baby Bee Sweet Delight in Mr. Sun, Baby Red, Berry Jam, and Crayons Ombre. It's left over from a blanket I made for someone else. I'm just doing hdc for the whole thing, but the stripe pattern will get more interesting soon. It's based on the song "Shepherd's Hey."
As I always do at this point in a project, I think I need more yarn. I'm really not at all convinced that I have enough Baby Red. (The others, I think I'm ok on.) Of course, on the last blanket I made, about a third of the way through the blanket I was really worried about running out of yarn, and I ended up with almost exactly half of it left over. Since I always think I need more yarn, I hesitate to buy any more. In this case, it seems pretty certain, though.
Anyway, the yarn is really soft and bright, and now that I've started this project, I'm excited about it. That's a lucky thing, since we're trying to finish these within the next month! Also, it was kind of freaking me out that I really didn't want to start anything and wasn't inspired about what to make. Now I feel like I'm in the groove again.

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