Wednesday, March 19, 2008

project overload

Here's an unusual twist for me. I love yarn, and I seem to have boundless optimism for how much time I will be able to spend with it. See more great yarn? Buy it and start a new project. It's the best thing ever--how could I wait? Life is too short! That's my usual approach, and I'm not one of those ladies who feels guilty about her yarn stash or hides it in the freezer or behind the liquor. Vive le yarn!
Well, I decided it would be fun to organize a group of ladies from my church to make blankets for Project Linus. For a few days I was totally obsessed with how great it would for all of us to get together and make fabulous blankets for kids who are sick or sad or scared (or all three). Great idea, fabulous cause, let's get started! Well, yesterday when I was planning our first blanket-making session, I realized I had spent so much time worrying about details and finding an easy blanket pattern for the non-crafters, I hadn't even given a moment's thought to what I will make. Normally, I love coming up with ideas for a new project--I may love it even more than actually working on a project. But right now, I'm thinking about the following projects currently in progress: rainbow striped baby blanket, frog pond afghan, fiber showcase cape, glorious subtle lacy shawl, heavy pink mohair shawl, and ghastly yellow learning-to-knit sampler that I'm determined not to stop until I've used up all that awful yarn. Plus the blue afghan for which I made approximately a million squares, all of them finished about four years ago, untouched and unassembled ever since. And I would like to spin some of the gorgeous fiber I bought at the seminar! Suddenly, it seems like too much. (Well, I am running out of crochet hooks--that's a bad sign. Yes, I know that, unlike knitting, there's only one loop hanging loose at a time and I can just "borrow" the crochet hook from one project and use it for another, especially if I leave myself a little note about which size it was, but it seems like things are starting to get out of hand here.) But this whole crazy Project Linus thing was my idea, so suddenly I have to start another project, and I find myself, not just uninspired, but thinking "No! No more! I want to finish something first!"


Fear not, I'm going to the yarn store this evening to help some of the ladies pick out materials. I'm sure something will come to me. (Who am I kidding? Something will leap into my arms and demand to be taken home and started immediately.)

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