Thursday, July 31, 2008

finally reskeining

Before I went to New Hampshire, I dyed the last of the blank sock yarn I had in stock. More is on the way, and it can't come soon enough.

I think this is the best batch I've done yet. Every time I look at these hanks, I'm filled with joy. And they're very soft and springy. I gave them a second washing to make sure the reds wouldn't bleed, and they fluffed right up. Apparently I didn't wash the earlier batches thoroughly enough to get all the mill oil out--these feel ten times nicer.
Most of this yarn will be going to Yarny Goodness--I'm very excited that she wants to carry my yarn. But it can't go until I reskein it!
Meanwhile, here's a preview of a couple that will be on my Etsy site soon.

If I could knit fast enough, I'd keep them all! I love this job!

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