Thursday, May 15, 2008

does meta-yarn count?

I'm putting together capelet kits for my Etsy shop, and last night I was determined to finish picking and ordering the yarn for them. I had already spent several hours on this and was convinced I could finish it by the end of the evening. Not even close, though. There are so many great yarns to choose from, and although they're all beautiful (all the ones I picked as candidate yarns, anyway), they don't all go together. Plus, it's kind of hard to compose a good capelet when you actually have the yarns in front of you, let alone based on what you think they'll look like from pictures on the internet. Needless to say, I did not finish or even get close enough to order anything, and it took all evening, so I didn't even get to touch any real yarn!
Here's a preview of kit design in progress.

Despite not being finished, I'm still really happy because I had such a blast with this last night, looking at all the yarn and rearranging pictures of it. I even dreamed about yarn all night--bonus!!

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