Thursday, May 8, 2008

swatching the bamboo yarn

No spinning last night, but I finally got to play with that bamboo yarn. It may not be super soft, but it is exceedingly drapey. Crocheted up, it's not scratchy or rough at all, as I feared it might be. It feels like it would be very cool against your skin.

I was using the smallest hook in my favorite set, an 8 mm (L-11). I usually use huge hooks to make everything--crochet is so stiff if you use the recommended hook size, plus I usually use pretty bulky yarn. But this yarn is DK weight, and I want to make a summer top out of it, and not one of those tops where you have to wear something else underneath. Therefore, I will need to break out a much smaller hook for at least some of this. (I should have put something else in the picture for scale--it looks smaller in person. The holes in the fabric are small enough to be nice for something like a sleeve, just not a whole shirt.)
I do like this yarn. I think it's going to make a fabulous top.

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