Wednesday, May 21, 2008

kit previews

After all the recent adventures, I was ready to drop by 8:00 last night. I did a little crochet on the bamboo yarn swatch--trying out a very small hook to get opaque fabric. It seems like this will work well, but it sure is tedious making tiny stitches with a tiny hook. I'm going to push it to see if I can make the hook a size or two bigger and still get opaque fabric. Otherwise, I plan to minimize this area as much as possible, and/or cop out and make a shirt that you have to wear something else under. Everyone else is doing it.
Meanwhile, I ordered the kit yarn on Friday, and most of that is due to arrive today or tomorrow. So psyched!
You've already seen this one.

Here's one that's a little more subtle and sophisticated. I actually had a bit of trouble with this one because one of the yarns stopped being available before I could order everything. It's so frustrating to spend all this time getting everything exactly "perfect" and then not be able to get everything you picked! But I found a replacement that I think will work well.

Next is my personal favorite. I love dark, rich, intense colors, especially purples and purple-y red/pinks. And these yarns are gorgeous!

Finally, the beach colors. It seems like suddenly these colors are everywhere. I never liked them that much before, but now I can't stay away. (Yes, I am still stalking the Kohlrabi CotLin on the internet; I hear it's considering seeking a restraining order. )

I was originally hoping to use different colorways of the same yarns to make the different kits, but that just wasn't feasible. Even with no restrictions other than cost, it was hard enough to find yarns that interacted well with each other. I combed the internet for yarn possibilities, compiled them into several different Word documents (by color) and then started arranging and rearranging.
The other wildcard here is the representations of the yarns on the internet vs. what they look like in real life. If there are no disasters there, I'll be really lucky. (If there are, I'll be taking snippets of yarn to the local stores and trying to find replacement yarns in person.)
So far I'm very pleased with how the designs have come out, and they've been approved by my husband, who is an actual artist with degrees and all that. They're color-theoretically correct. As the yarn starts arriving, I'll be making sample capelets and working on patterns, so stay tuned!


~ P ~ said...

Ohhhh Cara,
I love the kit colors. You do a good job with colors. I know that you will be successful on Etsy.
Sorry about your tire accident glad it wasn't serious. I'm glad that you had your knitting with you to pass the time.
I think the reason Little Barn closed early was that there were only two of us spinning. I left around 12:30 and I think Diane left shortly after. They probably just decided to close early.
They will be closed this Saturday because of Dickson. Are you going? Little Barn will have a booth there and Lewis said around twenty other vendors will be there. We are planning on going up Friday afternoon. Thought it might be less crowded.

Cara said...

Thank you, ~P~!
I am planning to go to the festival--thanks again for letting me know about it! My parents and I are going on Saturday. That should be a lot of fun.