Tuesday, May 20, 2008

knitting saves my sanity again

The past few days have been a remarkable collection of madness that I don't even want to get into, culminating with a large surprise object in the road and a flat tire. Nobody was hurt, no worse accidents were caused by anybody swerving to try to avoid said object; as far as I know, no damage at all except to the tire. I was still quite shaken up, though. In life, we often go around thinking we're basically in control of what happens. If I leave the house to go on a simple errand, I generally have no doubt that I will get where I intend to go, accomplish my task, and make it home roughly on time. This chain of events has served to remind me that it's only an illusion that we really control all that, and we should be grateful that it usually works out the way we want. (If I was still in doubt about this after the tire incident, it was further demonstrated to me on my way home. The road I usually take somehow disappeared in some road construction and I ended up lost and really confused.)
Well, this would have all been a lot harder to take if I hadn't had my knitting bag with me. Instead of freaking out and being really bored for the 45+ minutes it took for the tow truck to arrive, I got out my scarf and knitted away. I think that from now on my new rule is never go anywhere without some knitting or crochet. This would have been a really miserable experience without it.
Once that was basically over, I definitely needed the solace of knitting night. Between the two, I got a good bit done.

I'm thinking it's about time to learn to change yarns after this row.


Cara said...

what about learning to change tires? just kidding, since I got a new vehicle last year I don't even know where my spare tire lives. I sometimes leave my knitting at home, and then feel all silly when I have down time ...

Cara (other)

Cara said...

Ha ha, change tires. It was really a minor event, but I was so shaken, I think I would have caused quite the hazard if I had tried to do anything more serious than knit. I actually thought at the time, "This is where my more competent friends would get out and put the spare on," but I decided to just call AAA anyway. It took about the same amount of time but was much less frustrating.