Monday, May 5, 2008

weekends were made for yarn

It was a beautiful weekend for yarn. Some people hate it when it rains on Saturday, but I love it. When it's a gorgeous sunny day, I feel like I'm wasting it if I stay inside and do exactly what I want to do (yarn!). When it's raining, I can spin, crochet, or whatever guilt-free.
I've also done a lot of plotting and planning for the business. I'm hoping to get the legal stuff squared away this week if that's physically possible--most of the paperwork gets filed at the courthouse, so I'm hoping that I can just go there and have it processed immediately. That's not how it is if you apply for a marriage license, but starting a business is less rash, so I'm hoping it doesn't come with a required cooling-off period.
Meanwhile, I finished my capelet.

During the pink and gold rows, I was starting to doubt the whole thing, but when I added the wine-colored row, the whole thing really came together, and now I love it again.
Everywhere I've taken it, people have asked me how I picked the colors and yarns to go together, so I'm thinking of designing similar capelets in three different colorways and offering them as kits. I really like the way this one turned out, and it's mostly bulky yarn. I used a huge hook to make a drapey fabric, and that also makes the whole thing quick to make (that is, if you don't interrupt it with two baby blankets, a shawl, a scarf, and a hat, like I have). Etsy, here I come!

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