Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fun at knitting night

Can I just say for the millionth time that I love knitting night? It was a small crowd last night, but what a great group of people.
I was much later than I meant to be--I got absorbed in fixing my website, which was truly embarrassing before. Google is hosting my stuff, including my email, the website, and some other handy things, but what I didn't realize when I signed up for it is that if they host your website, you have to use their truly lame web page creator for your main page. You absolutely have to, it won't let you just write one yourself and upload it or whatever, and it won't let you change much about the page, even if you go in and edit the html by hand. It comes with a very small selection of lame templates, and as far as I can tell, it's impossible to create a professional-looking web page with their stuff. But, you can add a bit of javascript to your lame starting page to automatically redirect all traffic to some other page, and you can upload whatever kinds of pages you want for all pages other than the first. So I made a couple of decent pages and set up the lame page to automatically redirect to them. It will still be a while before any actual commerce occurs there--I think I'll need to get a real host for that, and of course all the shopping cart software and what-have-you. But at least it's not an embarrassment anymore.
After I got that to a point where I'm satisfied with it for now, I realized knitting night started an hour ago and hustled on over.
The seascape shawl is on hold until I get some better needles, but I'm working on a nice rectangular wrap in Jaeger Roma. This will be a kit when I get the pattern done.

I love this yarn. It's a blend of angora, viscose, and nylon (except I thought viscose and nylon were the same thing, so what the heck is viscose?) (ok, I just looked it up. Viscose is actually a type of rayon, very breathable with excellent drape.) It's extremely soft, it's making a fabric with a wonderful drape, and it's very springy. It's awesome.
Also I got to see the progress on one of the test socks. Totally gorgeous and drool-worthy. The yarn isn't making those little blobs, it's making one-row stripes that don't go the whole way around. It's a very nice effect. It gets a little confused in the textured parts, but they're really awesome too. In short, it's working! :) I can't wait until somebody gets to the second sock so we can see it all (hopefully) match.


Anonymous said...

So what made it so fun? You didn't say and I'm curious!!

I'm sorry I missed it, knit night is the highlight of my week, but the kids are off to camp and my husband and I are taking these few days to kind of concentrate on each other....
I probably won't be there for the next one either: I'll just be coming back from NC and will be verra tired. I will bring yarn to fondle the next time I am there, I promise.

Love the Jaeger thing...might have to buy some of that yarn.....

Cara said...

Helen, I'm trying to think of what made it so fun...actually, it was a pretty standard knitting night, I guess. But there was yarn and people made funny comments about things and I felt like I belonged. It was just good.