Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mostly meta

It's amazing how much less I get done since I've been sleeping through the night again. I didn't get it at first, but then I realized I've basically lost five hours a day of productive yarn time to sleep. Of course, the tradeoff is that I can actually think and do my job at work, so overall it's good, but I for a while there I was wondering what was wrong with me--suddenly I hardly have time to knit or crochet or spin, I'm not winding a few skeins of yarn a day, no dyeing has taken place in a couple of weeks...
Anyway, last night I did a lot of meta work for the business and hardly touched yarn at all. But I do have something to show you: I went shopping at lunch yesterday and scored a good haul of materials for the little crocheted things I plan to make for the Ole Timey Crafts and Bluegrass Festival.

The day-glo colors are for hair scrunchies--I have pony tail elastics in those colors, and they're really quick and easy to make. The more sedate stuff is for sachets, little bags, things like that.
After dinner, I got it all out for show and tell. Now my husband is an artist, so he appreciates the necessity for keeping piles of materials around, especially if they're pretty, and he's always liked textiles, even when he was a little kid. So I'm not one of those people who have to hide their yarn--until I got all the yarn for the business, all of the yarn I owned was on display, hanging on the walls in the guest room. Now I have that collection plus the business's stuff, which is all in boxes in the dining room. So I spread out the new yarn and was showing it to him and explaining what I liked about it and what I planned to do with it, when he started exhibiting the first symptoms of the disease. He picked up the leftmost ball of yarn in the second row above (you really have to click on the picture and see the full-sized version--the one on the page is the biggest blogger will let me have, and it just doesn't do it justice) and started petting it and saying how luscious it was and how he just had to have something made out of it, but what? That's right, the dude fell in love with some yarn and started thinking up a reason to buy it. Two in one family, I think we may be in trouble!


Cara said...

Whats wrong with that? So he has good taste! It is a yummy looking yarn.

SemantiCelt said...

You've got a sparkl'y... er, I mean a NEW landing spot. The front page with the gallery and the logo Fire Lizard is great!!

Cara said...

Cara, it's fabulous yarn. I cackle with glee that he's developing a yarn addiction (as long as he doesn't try to claim any of my stash!)
semanticelt, thanks! I've always wanted a spark'ly of my very own! ;) I checked your profile, and it doesn't give me any I know you in real life? A semantics connection or a family connection, perhaps?