Friday, June 20, 2008

a little spinning

I went to the Sidewalk Arts Stroll last night. That was pretty cool. They had some musicians and other performers, as well as a whole lot of visual art. I would estimate it was 65% paintings, 28% jewelry, 2% wood workers, 2% glass artists, 2% gourd artists, and 1% lady with sewn bags and knitted and crocheted baby booties. It was cool, but more variety would have been better. They definitely need some fiber artists!
I did get a little spinning in--spun the other half of the one-day chunk of fiery roving and plied it.

This is some fun novelty yarn, which I did mostly on purpose. That is, I didn't set out to make novelty yarn originally, but when it seemed to want to go that way, I gave it a big push. I plan to make a business card holder out of it. Ever since I got Spin to Knit: The Knitter's Guide to Making Yarn out of the library, I've been longing to make some screwed up yarn and knit something out of it, like that hat on the cover. That hat kills me. I frickin' love that hat. That's kind of what I was going for with the crazy rose yarn a while back, but the thick and thin parts averaged each other out when I plied it. This yarn I intentionally made one ply wacky and the other pretty normal. That seemed to work a lot better.
In other news, despite the fact that I stuck with the free super saver shipping, my computer shipped yesterday and is scheduled to arrive today!!! According to UPS, it's already out for delivery. Some truck is currently driving around Huntsville with my computer on it, on its way to me. Yes! Talk about fast! If this turns out to be one of those Fridays with a pocket of infinity located right around 2:43 in the afternoon, I will die of impatience.


Cara said...

what! no pottery?!

Anonymous said...

I love that color! Oh and to answer yer question about Silk Garden and Kureyon: yes they do act a little differently, but it's mainly that Kureyon is significantly scratchier than Silk Garden and I just don't like scratchy.

Cara said...

Cara, I didn't even realize it was missing, but I don't remember seeing a single pot. Crazy! You'd think there had to be some pottery, but if there was, it sure wasn't memorable.
Thanks, Helen!