Friday, June 27, 2008

odd lots

So I had another huge to-do list for last night. I must be a madwoman. Actually, I can't decide whether it's better to have a big to-do list and get some of it done, always striving for more but never finishing, or to have a reasonable to-do list and usually finish it all. I love the idea of the second approach, but the first is the one I always take.
Well, last night I left work on time instead of late, drove home, drove over to the mechanic to pick up my husband's car, waited around, drove home again, contemplated The List, but decided to take a nap. I was really whipped, and I knew that I could do some of the dumber things on the list if I really pushed myself, but it wouldn't be good for me. I ended up going to bed around 6 and sleeping until 4:30 am, with the exception of about 20 minutes around 8:00, when my husband woke me up and tried to get me to eat dinner.
I feel a thousand times better this morning. I made the right choice. The big item on The List was dyeing, and it would have been physically possible, but I would have been absolutely miserable. I'm so eager to get this business going, I want to get everything done immediately, so I have to remind myself that it's supposed to be fun, and when it turns into punishment or torture, it's past time to stop.
Anyway, I woke up feeling rested and great at 4:30, and got a lot of weird little things done this morning. I got the router temporarily working again with the new teeny laptop! This is very exciting, but since it stopped working before for no apparent reason, I'm not counting on it to last. But meanwhile, I'm very happy. Also, I figured out the deal with the SD card reader on the laptop. I was pushing the card in, and it was making a click sound and coming back out a little bit. I thought that was just how it worked, but as I was playing with it, my finger slipped when I was sliding the card in, and it went the whole way in and went CLICK! And then it mounted just like it should. It turns out if you put just the slightest upward pressure on the card as you slide it in, it engages properly. Thus, my EEE PC is a fully functional, non-defective, wonderful little toy and I'm delighted with it. (I was really afraid something was wrong with the card reader and I'd have to exchange it or some crap, which I'm sure would be a huge hassle.) For anyone considering buying one, it's a great machine, and both of the problems I've had with it have amounted to operator error.
I also listed the kit for the green cape on my Etsy store. I still have not listed any yarn, so I'm disappointed in myself there, but I did wind six skeins for dyeing, which I'm semi-planning to do tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.
Also, I decided to do some spinning before getting into any serious to-do-list action. It has been days since I've spun, and it really does relax me and make me feel so great. The Crochet Dude posted about this here. He said he was writing his to-do list and it contained 39 categories, so he decided to make a to-quit list instead, and quit everything that made him feel "blecky." What a great idea, but how many of us can actually take the red sharpie and start crossing out all the bleck in our lives? I need to put more thought into this--everything we do is technically optional, but axing certain things would definitely have consequences I'm not ready for right now.
Anyway, I decided that the first item on my "to-quit" list was "putting everything before spinning" and spun some nice yarn this morning.
It started as a nice carded roving I bought from Little Barn, one of the BLB FLB (by Little Barn for Little Barn) blends. It's 90% 64s wool, 10% acrylic and angelina. It says it's for socks, but I don't think it's quite soft enough for that. Plus I don't spin that fine anyway. But here's the roving.

You know how you're actually supposed to do long-draw from carded roving? There's a reason for that. It's much easier!

Maybe tonight I'll do the other half and ply. Happy happy!

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