Monday, June 2, 2008

the wonders of modern medicine

After a mysterious allergic reaction that caused my lips to swell up about five times their normal size, a whole lot of antihistamines, and the threatened return of said reaction, I am now on steroids. It's been an interesting experience so far. When the reaction was happening, I was so tired I could hardly move. But hit me with some steroids and watch me go! On Saturday I thoroughly cleaned the house from top to bottom, organized everything, did the bills, installed a long-procrastinated towel ring, did all the laundry, went on a major shopping spree (and didn't think a single homicidal thought, even at Wal-Mart), and basically freaked the frack out. If I was a major league house cleaner, they'd be throwing me out of the league for drug use. But dang, it sure is nice to have a clean house! It feels so harmonious and free.
On Sunday, I used my super powers to do the books for the business. I haven't sold anything yet, but I have bought a lot of stuff, and I wanted to get that all recorded, plus I wanted to do new projections based on some new kit ideas I have. With fierce concentration, I didn't just crunch those numbers, I pulverized them!
Seriously, I really don't know if these are the same type of steroids that people take to do better at sports, but if they are, I'm thinking I should take advantage of this while I can. I haven't exercised since Januaryish, and I'm definitely not toned at this point. But we all know muscle burns more energy than fat--thus, weight training improves your metabolism. I would never get steroids on purpose to bulk up, but since I'm on them anyway, if I can do my little pansy exercises and get more bang for the buck, why not? Note to self: rearrange schedule pronto.
Of course, in the midst of all this, one must make time for yarn. The blue/green capelet kit is finally coming along.

At last, some serious progress on this! I ended up undoing a row and a little, too--way too many increases the first time around.

Even as it is now, it would be a super cute little shoulder wrap. But I think it's going to be even better as a full capelet.
I also got some really awesome spinning in yesterday. I had been spinning BFL in my attempted long-draw fashion, but last night the shetland called to me, so I answered. Can I just say, this stuff was born for long-draw? It was just magically making good yarn. Basically all I had to do was sit there and watch.

This is by far the finest and most even yarn I've made so far. (That's a dime in there for scale.) Check out this photo for comparison.

Upper left, we see some results from last time I tried to spin this yarn. (I plied it with the cheap wool that gave me so much trouble back in the day, but you can see that both singles are about the same in quality.) Upper right, last night's spinning plied with some BFL from a few days ago. And bottom, last night's spinning plied with itself. I am so pleased with this yarn. I just wish it wasn't so scratchy--I'm not sure what to make out of it, but I really want to use it to make something!

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