Friday, June 13, 2008

rolling along

I went to Little Barn and bought the big counting skein winder. I hooked it up to the other one, and bingo.

It works it works it works! Thank goodness. I plan to rig up some sort of feeder system to keep the two yarns going to the two sides of the destination winder, probably involving dowels and drinking straws. This will become a streamlined process.
However, after winding my first skein, with the winder clicking away, here's what the counter said.

That's right, 2! #$&^&(#%$@#$!@$@^!!!! It looks like the counter trip mechanism is just getting almost, so close but not actually tripping to trigger a new number. Why can't things just work?! Also, you can't tell from the picture, but this skein winder is the right height for a midget. It has a big, bulky floor stand, but I had to set it on a box to get it to a height that would not involve hurting myself while winding the yarn. Clearly not well thought out. I hate to take another thing back there--we're two for two on equipment returns here--but it's really not meeting my needs. And I swear that counter thing was working in the store! Maybe I'll call first and see if he has any suggestions or adjustments or something.
Anyway, I also finished the green cape yesterday!

I am so happy with how it came out. And I had just enough gold yarn to add that little embellishment near the top, which had exactly the effect I was hoping for. Yes!


Cara said...

The cape is lovely, and ...

you've been tagged!

ps, did you see the swift my husband made, its on my blog

the other Cara

Cara said...

other Cara,

I have seen and coveted your swift. It is awesome.

My quirks aren't very fun either! But ok, I'll do this later today. :)