Thursday, June 26, 2008

not doing what I'm s'posta

Last night I intended to straighten out the finances, make a new household budget, list the green cape kit on Etsy, list some sock yarn in Etsy (in my dreams), and wind a bunch of yarn for dyeing tonight. But then I got an invitation to go to Starbucks and see one of the test socks in progress as it's being knit from my yarn. It was an offer I couldn't refuse. As an added bonus, when I arrived, some of my knitting buddies from Monday nights were there knitting! Since the tire incident, I have resolved not to go anywhere without my knitting bag ever again, so I was prepared to join them. As it turns out, I didn't get home until after 10:00, and I didn't accomplish any of the things on my list, but I sure like sitting around with nice people and playing with yarn. Here's what I did.

But you just saw that a few days ago, and I see it all the time. Here's the real exciting thing: the test sock. First, the yarn.

And, *drum roll*, the sock.

Isn't it gorgeous? It makes me want to squeal. One side is stockinette (top photo); the other side is linen stitch. It's probably obvious to all the smart knitters out there which side is the part that gets stepped on, but I don't remember. I think it's the linen stitch side. Anyway, it was just getting ready for a heel when I saw it last. Excellent work. As I've started to have other people express interest in this yarn, I've had a few moments when I regretted giving the four prettiest skeins to the test knitters (and I still regret not taking pictures of them first! Duh!!!!), but these are so gorgeous, and I'll get to see and have pictures of the finished socks. Totally worth it.


~ P ~ said...

OHHHH! Nice looking sock yarn.
What's your etsy name? Did you hear about Meg starting a spin night twice a month. Hope you can make it. It should be fun.

Cara said...

Thanks, ~P~! I'm fireliz on etsy, too.
I did see that about spinning night, but it's the same night as my favorite knitting night. As are concerts in the park. :(