Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I stood up the Kidsilk Haze

I broke my date with the Kidsilk Haze--all I did was sleep and dye this weekend. I didn't even tell it definitely no, I just kept saying "oh, later, for sure." Very inconsiderate. Do you think it's mad?

It looks put out to me.
I didn't dye nearly as much as I had hoped, either. I was just so tired! It's a good thing we had the holiday weekend--I was probably headed for an illness if things had continued as they were. Meanwhile, I did create two new colorways.

I love dyeing, but my absolute favorite part is rinsing the yarn after it's cooled and seeing for the first time what it will really look like.

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Sarah said...

You're living dangerously to risk offending yarn with mohair content. Maybe if you present it with a gift of a lavender sachet it might relax or forgive.