Monday, September 22, 2008

some relaxation time

As part of my yarn retreat, I decided to take a nice long walk in the woods (at least one). I headed up to Monte Sano to enjoy the day.

There was some dryness in the air and a very few colored leaves, but basically, it's still looking like summer up there. And I haven't done much spinning lately, but somebody has!

Monte Sano is one of my favorite places to go for peace and comfort. I always feel like I'm home there.

After I got back, I was looking through my pictures and found some I never posted from The Knit and Crochet Show, which I attended in New Hampshire in July. The Crochet Guild of America hosted the conference and held a crochet contest. The winner was a gorgeous crocheted wedding dress that was shy come picture time, but there were some other cool entries.

I especially like the under-the-sea themed freeform afghan or wallhanging. And check this out.

A crocheted pizza--isn't that a hoot?

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