Friday, September 12, 2008

witch hunt in yarn town

So I've been dyeing like a maniac and too tired to write. But the results are pretty awesome.

I intended to go at lunch today and ship the order I've been working on. I got it all into display skeins and almost all labelled. Very happy. But then I remembered, one skein had a weird little part where some fiber that didn't take the dye was plied in with the rest, resulting in a funky white and purple barber pole. I wanted to make sure that one didn't get sent with this yarn.

It's in there somewhere! Sigh. And the only way to find it was to take the labels off and unfurl them until I found it. You can imagine how happy I was at that realization this morning. They were only all labelled already because last night I took the time while the yarn was steaming, which I usually use to wind skeins for next time, to do all this twisting and labelling. Then to have to undo them all, or hopefully not all unless the barber pole was in the very last skein!, well. If I were a cartoon, I would have said something like this: !#$^#^*$%&(*$^&@$#%@#$%!!!!

I did eventually find it.

Somehow I remembered it as being a lot bigger. And now I have this mess.

I still may be able to ship it at lunch time, though. Maybe maybe. Besides sticking the labels back on, I still have to reweigh them all to make sure there aren't any runts, pack the box, and do the invoice. Yeah, I'm crazy. (But perpetually, unreasonably optimistic! That has to be worth something.)

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Jessica said...

Holy crap! I read your email about this mass dyeing and to actually see it is something else. Whew!

- Jess