Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kitting night!

I went to knitting night last night! It's the first time I've been in weeks, and it was really great to be back. It was a small crowd, but no less fun. I was really happy to see everybody again.
Unfortunately, the yarn doctor was not in, and the end of my blue singles did not get found. I guess I'm just going to have to make one and wrestle it out--everything I grab seems to immediately go under something else, a sure sign that it can't be the one with the end and a harbinger of much frustration in trying to unwind this darn thing. Definitely not happy about that.
But whatever, knitting night is a night to forget all your cares and just knit. I'm still working on the alpaca/merino scarf.

This yarn is still an absolute dream, but I must confess I'm getting a little bored with this project. I guess it worked--its purpose was to get me feeling comfortable/practiced with knitting again. I even incorporated some of the pattern from the Feathery Lace Stole, the project I'm in training for, into the scarf. It was shy, but trust me, it's there. I was having a ton of trouble with it before, but it seems pretty easy now. I think it's partly that I was knitting a lot tighter, but as I've gotten back into practice, I've loosened up. I'm surprised the scarf isn't a funny shape as a result, but it isn't so far. Also, this yarn is just really easy to work with. It's Plymouth Yarn Suri Merino, and it is incredibly soft and luscious in addition to being a dream to knit. Also, it has alpaca hairs that stick out and act as the perfect disguise for any cat hair that may get incorporated into the scarf. What more could a knitter ask?


Sarah said...

Sorry I could not find the end on that lovely bobbin. I adore the color, and your spinning is soft.

It looks like you are ready to enter the realm of the multiple project knitter. You have the simpler project for knit nights and on the go knitting, and then you have the more complex or less portable project for at home or wherever you get your best concentration and quiet knitting project. The simpler one gives you something somewhat mindless to do when your brain or environment are ready for knitting, but nothing too hard. The more complex project is great when you feel like your brains will leak out because the scarf (at least in this case) has become an endless slog. The two projects complement each other wonderfully, and are great to switch between so that you can knit more.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Cara,
Gee! That has to be frustrating. You'll find the end of the yarn one of these days. The Suri/Merino yarn, is that the stuff that Little Barn sells? I've had my eye on that for some time. Glad to hear it knits well.
I think some of us are planning on spinning at Little Barn this Saturday. You should join us.

Cara said...

Sarah, you make a good point. I'm kind of afraid this scarf will take all eternity as it is though--I think I'm knitting maybe three hours a week--so if I start another project, I'll never finish it.
Phyllis, the Suri/Merino yarn is indeed from Little Barn. I highly recommend it. And I would love to come and spin on Saturday, but I'm so far behind on my dyeing (and everything else in my life), it's not even funny. I may at least stop by, though.