Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I set up the spinning wheel right in the living room and spun again last night. Am I the only one who puts the things that give me the most joy at lowest priority? Why do I do this? It's crucial to make time for balancing the checkbook and filing your $0 sales tax return and holding an open house and taking the car to the shop, but somehow relaxing and meditating and restoring my soul never get done. As I took the wool in my hands, I could feel the tension flowing out of my body through my toes and disappearing. Well, better late than never.
I was spinning the rest of the BFL I dyed at the same time as the merino/tencel blend I posted about yesterday, mainly to get it off my bobbin. I have only one empty bobbin at this point, and you need someplace to put the plied yarn! Given a fresh start and an organized life, I would have been spinning something purple instead. But this is very soft, very nice fiber, and I'm pleased with how it's turning out.

Again, I'm Navajo plying. The yarn is very dark, but I can think of somebody for whom it would make a perfect hat. Unfortunately this person has a history of not appreciating things like this, so I'll refrain. Isn't it funny how there's this knitter's fantasy world where knitted things would be the perfect gift for somebody, but then there's the real world where the same perfect gift just isn't?
Anyway, I didn't exactly accomplish my goal of freeing up a bobbin. I got tired after about two minutes of plying, so I still have this left.

Yeah. It's a good thing I've abandoned the idea of being goal-oriented with spinning.


Sarah said...

Hopefully not the goal of spinning more often when you want and need to spin.

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Hi Cara,
Sorry you couldn't make it to Little Barn. I was hoping you would be there. Hope you are feeling better. I just visited your etsy and I love your new dyed BFL. Pretty color and they look so soft.

Cara said...

>Hopefully not the goal of
>spinning more often when you want
>and need to spin.

No, the goal of spinning more often is a meta-goal--I haven't given those up yet! *lol*

phyllis, thanks! I'm glad you like the colors, and the BFL is really soft. I'm very pleased with it.