Wednesday, October 1, 2008

late, as usual

Well, the promised influx of items to my Etsy shop has been delayed by darn stupid life getting in the way again. Last night my car quit working right, and I'm hoping it's just bad gasoline, but after a nerve-racking adventure involving getting someone to the airport, paying the plumber back home, stalling at Wall-Triana and 72 (but luckily not in the intersection), death-defying thrills and chills, and a problem that suspended itself only for the ten minutes the car was near a mechanic... I took the rest of the night off. And this morning, apparently Etsy's servers aren't feeling any better than my car. I did get a few things posted, though. You saw the Beach Dreams fiber yesterday, but here's another roving (technically top) in Jewel Tones.

And here's some sock yarn in my brand new colorway: Roses.

I've got a lot of really great stuff dyed, and I'll continue adding it in the coming days. Meanwhile, if I don't hit the shower, I will be late for work on top of everything else.

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