Friday, October 3, 2008

my new digs

Dudes, I finally got my new studio set up. Check it out.

For those following the saga, my house still hasn't sold. I was doing my dyeing in various kitchens, including the kitchen of a tiny apartment where I was staying. There was a little over two feet of counter space on one side of the sink (after I displaced the microwave), a little over two feet of counter space on the other side of the sink, and that's it. Other features included a very shallow sink, no washing machine, and a huge cloud of paranoia that I would accidentally turn something purple and lose my security deposit. But now I'm back at the house, and I've had this splendid laundry sink installed in the garage. It's wide and deep, and get this: the faucet pulls out and becomes a sprayer! So totally awesome!
It still needs a lot more light, and I want to get bed risers for under the table so I don't lean over so much and hurt my back. I also want to get some of those squishy floor tiles they have for gyms and kids. Concrete floors are not my friend. But even without all that, I dyed last night, and it rocked. All that space! That huge sink! No worries about staining something! I was in heaven.
I experimented with a new colorway. I'm not sure whether I exactly like it. Here it is still a little damp.

That yellow is so bright. The purple doesn't look quite as crazy dark in person, but almost. Hm. I'll keep working on it.

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