Friday, October 24, 2008

workin' for the weekend

Anybody else really glad it's Friday? On top of the accumulated tiredness from the rest of the week, it's dark, raining, and chilly here. This is a day made for staying home with some cocoa, a kitty cat, and a good book (or some knitting!). Too bad I have to go to work.
I did get a little spinning in last night--I just couldn't resist the Stargazing fiber.

I wanted to ply whatever I did, but it was getting late, I was getting tired, and then the yarn broke and I can't find the end. It will just have to wait.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

Nice spinning. Love the color. Use a little piece of scotch tape to find the end of the yarn. It's so frustrating when that happens.
It is a bit chilly today. Time to bring out all the woolies