Monday, August 18, 2008

a bit of spinning

Since I've been noticing such a decline in the quality of my spinning lately--due to lack of practice--I've decided to try to be more regular about it. Besides, it makes me feel so good! Why do I always put the best stuff at lowest priority?
I decided to try out the last of the test rovings I dyed a month or so ago. This is the impromptu one that soaked up the excess dye from the other two (which are now the yarn for my computer cozy).

It didn't get as much soaking time in the acid as the others, so maybe that's why the color isn't as dark, or maybe they sucked up a lot of the color and didn't leave as much for this one. In any case, I love the shade of purple, and I love that you can see some of the original brown through it. (This was brown tones mix from Sheep Shed Studio.)
It's very nice to spin. I had trouble with this wool before it was dyed because it was so darn slippery, almost as if it was alpaca. But the dye stuck everything together a tiny bit, just enough that it's great to spin now.

Very nice yarn. I definitely want to keep this up.

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