Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm back

I had a blast on my trip. I got to see my best friend and her beautiful, charming children, and I got to go to the Michigan Fiber Festival. How much of a vacation was it? I actually had time to spin! I even got to "teach" my three-year-old honorary niece to spin, which consisted of showing her how it works and then making sure she didn't fall or wreck anything while she treadled a million miles per hour. It was really fun, and she had a total blast. She also "helped" by mushing up pieces of roving for me. I think in a few years we'll have her spinning for real. Before we even started, she already knew that yarn is for knitting, that what I was working with was wool, and that wool comes from sheep. She's a very clever little girl.
No time to write more now, but I do have more to say. Here's a preview.

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