Friday, August 8, 2008

fun new project

At long last, I have started making the cozy for my teeny laptop. Why? It's so much smaller than a normal laptop, all the laptop carrying bags are about twice as big as it. That kind of defeats the purpose of buying a teeny laptop, doesn't it?
Here's what I have so far.

Very exciting, I know. But it's more than it looks like. It's only one row, but I'm done with crocheting into the foundation chain (hate! must learn to make foundation stitches without the chain--I hear it can be done) and I've figured out the plan. I want the rows to run across the laptop shortways, so if you were holding it like a big paperback, the rows would be horizontal. See? (The picture also shows the size of the laptop--that's a normal-sized keyboard in the background.)

I'm just going to keep crocheting this nice rectangle until it's long enough to cover the width of the computer, then I'm going to crochet a little seam down each side and I'll be done. It's a portable, mindless project from here on out--whee! And it's so small, I may actually finish it soon. (Don't talk to me about the hat that's been sitting around for months needing only six stitches bound off and a seam--I don't want to discuss it.)
For once I'm actually using single crochet, the stiffest stitch, and a hook that's only a little bigger than the "proper" size for the yarn. I want this to be sturdy and hold its shape some, usually the opposite of what I'm going for.
This is the first real thing I've made out of my handspun yarn, and I'm very psyched, especially since this is spun from a roving that I hand-dyed myself. Also I'm very curious to see if this is way too much yarn or not enough. I have a coordinating barber pole yarn if I need more, so it's fine either way.

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