Wednesday, August 6, 2008

what is it about yarn?

Dudes, I woke up feeling really overwhelmed and bummed this morning. Y'all don't need to hear the many ways in which my life is a mess, but suffice it to say, it is. Some of the mess is good and exciting, like holy crap gotta dye more yarn right now for the business! The rest, not so much.
But man, nothing cheers me up like yarn.

This is Wool in the Woods Rubble, dyed by Cherry Tree Hill in colorway Life's a Beach. Oh yeah. It's 78% cotton, 20% rayon, 2% nylon; that with the texture and the colors makes this yarn scream "summer!" And I'm not talking about the kind of summer where you rot in your boring beige office in the air conditioning, either--this is the kind of summer where you have a house by the beach and wear big sunglasses and read shallow novels between swimming and drinking daiquiris. Maybe you're even one of those people (as I've never been) who actually own a beach house and go there every summer with a your best friends and their kids.

This one is a one-of-a-kind designer blend yarn from Valknitz. Love that purple! That is going to make something awesome and rich.

Finally, the one I've been completely obsessed about lately. This is Cherry Tree Hill Mohair Thick n Thin. It's a mill end, so they don't tell me the colorway, which OCD'ically I find maddening. But it makes me drool just looking at it. It actually might be Indian Summer, which is one of my absolute favorites of theirs. Anyway, this is the one that I actually considered staying up late last night to make something out of. For me, that's really saying something. Sleep won out, though.
I've got a list of "gottas" a mile long, but somehow looking at these colors and touching this yarn makes me feel better. Is it just the potential for creativity (yarn as art material) that gets us so hooked on yarn? Or is it something more? Most people use sight as their primary sense, but some people use hearing or touch. Yarn-lovers must be wired for a unique combination of visual and tactile sensing, plus a creative drive and a nesting instinct.

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