Thursday, August 7, 2008

a return to spinning

My old friend insomnia has returned, hopefully for a short visit. I futilely stayed in bed for an hour before surrendering and getting up. I decided that a little spinning would be a nice treat for my bonus time.

This is Indian Summer combed wool from Little Barn. It is gorgeous and a dream to spin. I love their fiber, especially the combed or carded color blends.

The yarn came out well, although I had some breakage with the singles, and I can tell I'm out of practice. I was much more consistent and generally better at this when I was doing it more often. (Gee, ya think?) I definitely want to get back to that.
Also, I finally finished my Tour de Fleece Challenge a few days ago. Remember I stopped in the middle of plying the last single? I went back days later and finished it.

Didn't Lucy in "I Love Lucy" have bangs that looked like that? Well, that's what happens when half the singles were plied while they were active and the rest were plied to match after they got tired. A little wash took care of it.

Not bad for my first Navajo plying project. This yarn is going to be such an awesome cozy for my teeny computer.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

I love that color of fiber. You have a good eye for color.