Wednesday, August 13, 2008

order shipped--phew!

Yesterday I shipped the order that's been taking over my life lately.

Yay! I'm really happy with all of this yarn, and it's so satisfying to send it off to a customer. It's a rush of victory.
I can't rest on my laurels too long--this customer has already ordered more asap!--but I did give myself one evening off. I spun a teeny bit and then went to bed.

This is from a gorgeous carded roving from Little Barn. I bought some as a housewarming present for my department secretary (yes, I am very lucky to work with someone who is cool enough to be delighted with this gift) and of course had to get some for me, too. This part of the yarn came out pretty uniformly teal or turquoise, but the roving looks like an idealized ocean--blues, a little green, a little purple. Total love.
After my experience with the Tour de Fleece, I am completely ignoring the Olympics, Ravelympics and otherwise. I guess I was a little dense last time because it didn't occur to me that part of the point of these things for most people is to give them something fun to do while they watch the events, and that's how they actually finish their stuff--they have that designated time for it. I have the utmost respect for the athletes who compete and all the work they've done and all the ability they have--it's incredible. But I have no interest in watching the events, and I'm too busy dyeing yarn anyway. Besides, my initial impulse was right on--keep the goals out of the yarning.
Thus I was able to spin about 20 yards of pretty colors last night, be very happy, and go to bed. That's the way to do it.


SemantiCelt said...

International Fireliz!!!

Yarn Workshop's opening page ( ) is resplendent in its display of Firelizard Studios sock yarns...

Gorgeous stuff -- a feast for the eyes (as well as the needles, of course)! (Just don't get the two too close to one another.) (Er, uh, the needles and the eyes, that is... yarn and needles is fine. Yarn and eyes is OK, too, as long as some reasonable limits are observed.)

Anyway, congratulations! Now that your wares are spread across the Earth, I'll be looking forward to seeing them in a myriad of other places as well! ; )

SemantiCelt said...

Wow, did I really use all three homonyms of the word to in one short phrase?! Cool. I think I'm catching on to this English thing.