Tuesday, August 5, 2008

yarn at last

The yarn that I shipped to myself from New Hampshire finally came yesterday. There was quite a joyous reunion, especially since in a moment of what seemed like brilliance at the time, I also shipped most of my shirts back. I figured I wouldn't need them again that trip, since there was only one day left, and that way I'd have space if I went crazy and bought yet more yarn. Well, as the package lingered in the mail system, this began to cause some wardrobe difficulties, especially since I'm behind on the laundry. So now, not only do I have all this gorgeous yarn, I have something to wear!
I really wanted this yarn for knitting night last night. I was feeling whiny about all of my current projects--the seascape shawl should have some lace or something soon, but I don't know how to do that; the summer top that I still want to make would require knowing my measurements; the skew scarf is due to get some crochet added to it, but I think that's going to be a little hairy as far as not losing the live knit stitches; even the hat requires binding off, which I don't remember how to do. I finished my easy projects on the trip, so I was kind of at loose ends. One of my new yarns, which are all planning to be big chunky simple scarves or shawls, would have been the perfect thing. Technically the yarn arrived before knitting night started, but I didn't want to drive all the way home and then all the way back. Told you I was whiny.
It ended up being a fun evening, though. Lots of people were there, telling funny stories and working on pretty things. I hadn't been in a few weeks, so it was really nice to see everyone again.
And when I got home, a whole box of gorgeous yarn awaited me!
Here's my favorite:

It's hand-dyed rayon from The Fiber Studio. It's about half a pound, and it's totally gorgeous and luminous and drapey. Total love. It's going to be a big peacock-inspired shawl, probably crocheted with V-stitches.

This one is Wool in the Woods Wink, hand-dyed by Cherry Tree Hill. I bought three skeins that were all similar colors to this, all gorgeous. All this Cherry Tree Hill stuff is from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn, which absolutely killed me with their incredible deals.

This one is Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Lace. It's a mill end, but still plenty for a fabulous shawl or scarf. It's so grape--I love it.
That's today's yarn treat. More tomorrow!
Also, I did find the orifice hook for my spinning wheel. Definitely the cat. It was under the arm chair, where else?

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